Cloud, Containers and Microservices

W07 Docker Containers on Azure - Let Me Count the Ways


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

Michele Leroux Bustamante

Co-founder / CIO


There is already significant momentum in the industry toward building applications for containerized environments - with Docker leading the way. If you don't develop applications with containers and microservices architecture in mind, rest assured you will. Not all microservices architectures and Docker applications look alike, however, and there are choices to level of necessary complexity and management to be considered. This session will provide an overview of the many ways you can deploy your Docker applications to Azure from the simple serverless approach through to container orchestration platforms and hosting options. You'll get a tour of Azure Container Instances, App Services for Containers, overall orchestration platform support in Azure including Docker Swarm, Docker EE, Mesosphere DC / OS and Kubernetes - including the managed service provided by Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). By the end of this session you will get a taste of each option, and gain perspective on the design decisions that may lead to choosing between them.