Visual Studio Live! Video Library

Preview the mix of practical and independent content available at Visual Studio Live! with session recordings on topics like Security, Angular, ASP.NET, Async Patterns, SQL Server Data Tools and Node.js.

Video #1: Keynote: Modern Application Development with .NET and Azure

Watch Scott Hunter (VP of Product for the Azure Developer Experience team, Microsoft) show how to build modern Microservice backends hosted on Linux in Azure Container Apps and rich client applications in Blazor and Blazor Hybrid that consume these Microservices. Other areas covered include C# 10, Dapr and some sneak previews of .NET 7.

Estimated viewing time: 55 minutes

Video #2: Build Scalable Web Apps with .NET and Azure

In this session, Matthew Soucoup (Principal Cloud Developer Advocate for .NET, Microsoft) shows you how to make the most of Azure to build scalable, robust, and resilient .NET web apps with Azure.

You will learn:

  • How to identity and use common Azure services for .NET developers
  • How to architect a scalable .NET web app
  • To build a web app that takes full advantage of Azure services

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #3: Native Cross-Platform Mobile & Desktop Apps with .NET MAUI

Watch James Montemagno (Principal Lead Program Manager for .NET Community, Microsoft) to get a look of .NET MAUI in .NET 6 and learn how you can start using it today to build native apps with C# for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

You will learn:

  • What is .NET MAUI and how to build iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows apps in C#
  • Application architecture, project features, and best practices
  • Access native and cross-platform APIs

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #4: Azure SQL Database Development Inner and Outer Loops

In this session, Drew Skwiers-Koballa (Senior Program Manager, Microsoft) goes through basic principles, tools and practices to manage all aspects of database development lifecycle for Azure SQL Database, from the inner loop on developer's workstation to CI/CD practices in production scenarios using multiple programming languages and platform services.

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #5: Visual Studio for Mac – Fast, Fluid, and Modern

In this session, Jordan Matthiesen (Senior Program Manager working on Visual Studio for Mac) takes you on a tour of what’s new and give you a peek at what’s coming soon for .NET and Visual Studio on the Mac.

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes

Video #6: Choose Azure SQL Database and Learn What Every Developer Should Know

In this session Bob Ward and Davide Mauri (Azure Data team, Microsoft) provide the information you need to make the right choices for Azure SQL Database. Learn the best coding techniques to secure, scale, and ensure your application is highly available based on the best practices from Microsoft. They show you things like passwordless connectivity, scaling access to data, avoiding security attacks, and built-in retry logic.

Estimated viewing time: 75 minutes