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Visual Studio Live! is back on the Microsoft Campus

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Visual Studio Live! is returning to Microsoft HQ in Redmond, August 6-10, 2012. If you've never attended before, it's a great opportunity to build your skills and learn from top Microsoft experts and insiders - right in the heart of the "Mothership" itself!

Tracks at Visual Studio Live! Redmond include:

  • Visual Studio / .NET
  • Windows 8 / WinRT
  • Cloud Computing and Services (such Azure and WCF)
  • Silverlight / WPF
  • Data Management (including SQL Server, SQL Azure and Hadoop)
  • Windows Phone
  • Cross-Platform Mobile (including app development for iOS, Android and WP7)
  • HTML5
  • Web (including ASP.NET and RESTful Services)

The extra-cool part about Visual Studio Live! Redmond: attendees get exclusive access to the Microsoft campus, including the employee-only discount area at the Microsoft Company Store (which means stocking up on hugely-discounted software)!

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Visual Studio Live returns to Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA, August 6-10 for 5 days of hard-core coding sessions with top Microsoft experts and insiders! Register today to guarantee your space.

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#VSLive is back at the Microsoft Mothership - what could be better? 

Just registered for #VSLiveRedmond at Microsoft HQ! Have you? http://bit.ly/VSRD2012



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Back on the Microsoft Campus!

Join us for our 3rd year at Microsoft HQ! This unique location allows you to live life like a Blue Badge and get an insider's look at the campus.
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This event was a great place to learn many things in very little time. I also had fun on the Microsoft campus! -- Swaroop Panda, Integration Architect, Hess Corporation
Visual Studio Live! gave me the opportunity to meet and talk directly with industry experts and developers of the technologies I use every day. -- Michael Christian, Sr. Systems Analyst, Utah Retirement Systems
The material was in-depth and easy to follow. It was also pretty cool to visit the Microsoft Campus. -- Sam Striano, Senior Developer, SAIF Corporation