The Most Helpful Visual Studio Video Tutorials We've Found: Part 2

Among all the excellent resources to help you fine tune your development skills with Visual Studio are myriad videos—from beginner to expert, simple to complex, and the purely functional to some highly specialized techniques. (A vast majority of these can be found on YouTube and on Microsoft’s Channel 9.)

Seeing an expert work through a certain process while you yourself have Visual Studio up and running so you can follow along, is an excellent way to learn. You can pause, rewind and review at your convenience. It’s kind of like Netflix for developers.

In addition to the tutorials listed in Part 1 of this blog series, here are a few more very helpful and specific Visual Studio video tutorials we’ve come across recently:

How to Create a Database in Visual Studio in Less than 10 Minutes by Tim Layton

Follow along as Tim uses Visual Studio to quickly create a database app in Visual Studio. He takes you step-by-step of developing a simple business contacts application linked to a SQL Server database. To put together this simple, yet useful, app, he uses Visual Studio Professional 2008, Visual C# and SQL Server. As Tim works you through the process, you can see the screen highlighted where he selects menu items or other options. It’s very easy to follow along as he works within the IDE to create the app.

Live Static Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2015 by Ovais Mehboob

This brief six-minute Channel 9 video takes you through the process of applying code analyzers to your Visual Studio code, either while you’re typing it in (live analysis) or at rest (static analysis). You can listen to simply the audio for this one, or download any quality level of MP4, depending on your bandwidth and connection.

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts that Speed Up Debugging Applications by Mosh Hamedani

This seven minute YouTube video gives you a good overview of keyboard shortcuts that can come in handy when debugging. Mosh maintains that keyboard shortcuts are very important to increasing productivity. He’s clearly not a fan of what he calls the “bad habit” of using the mouse and doesn’t want you waste time and computer resources by using the debug mode when you don’t need to.

Mosh summarizes some of his favorite debugging keyboard shortcuts to expedite the debugging process:

  • Ctrl + F5 to run the app
  • F5 to run the app in debug mode
  • Shift + F5 to stop debugging session
  • F9 to insert or remove a breakpoint
  • F10 to step over a method
  • F11 to step into a method
  • Shift + F11 to step out of a method

These are just a few quick videos that you can help you through a jam in Visual Studio. For additional video tutorials, don't forget to check out “Part 1” of this series as well!

Posted by Lafe Low on 05/24/2016

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