Cloud Computing and Services

W10 Windows Azure Development Using Visual Studio


10:45am - 12:00pm

Boris Scholl

Boris Scholl

Senior Program Manager, Cloud Tools Team in Visual Studio


Windows Azure and Visual Studio enable you to build the most demanding cloud services. This session will focus on the productivity enhancements in Visual Studio for constructing, debugging, deploying and diagnosing cloud services (PaaS). We will take a deep dive into constructing multi-tier cloud projects and making the most of the local emulator to test and debug. Then we will show how it is easier than ever to connect your environment to Windows Azure and publish, leveraging in-place deployment upgrades, configuring multiple profiles for each target deployment environment, interoperability with other computer containers like IaaS virtual machines, and tips and tricks. Last we will show how to use Visual Studio to diagnose and fix real issues in the cloud, whether that is runtime errors or performance hot spots. After you’re done with this session you will be able to publish a scalable cloud app to Windows Azure, diagnose issues and performance, and learn how to make the most of the productivity enhancements direct from the Azure tools team.