SPAs, MVVM, ASP.NET and More: Visual Studio Live! Washington, D.C. Webcast Recap

If you missed our most recent Visual Studio Live! Washington, D.C. preview webcast on Tuesday, May 9, fear not. You can always log on and listen in here. Or even if you did attend this webcast, you can always listen again to review what was covered. Ben Hoelting gave us a free preview of his sessions coming up at the Washington, D.C. event on June 12-15. His webcast was entitled "Web Dev with MVVM and Aurelia: #VSLive Washington, D.C. Preview."

Ben will be presenting the following sessions at Visual Studio Live! Washington, D.C.:

During the webcast, he gave us a sneak peek at what he'll be presenting during his sessions. In his session "Building Single Page Web Applications Using Aurelia.js and the MVVM Pattern," Ben will discuss web development, the MVVM Pattern itself, and then describe some of the details about the JavaScript frameworks that enable the MVVM Pattern for the Web, and explain how to also use Aurelia, TypeScript, and ASP.NET MVC. "Modern browsers have also come a long way," he says. "The browser has become your compiler, your development environment."

Ben clearly has a lot of respect for JavaScript, as you'll hear when you listen in to the webcast recording or see Ben live at the event in DC. "Why JavaScript at all?" he says. "JavaScript is the one true cross-platform language we have right now. Any device knows how to deal with JavaScript." He continued by elaborating on how JavaScript works with other current web development technologies.

Moving on to discuss his next session, "Tools for Modern Web Development," Ben explains why ASP.NET is more openly and completely embracing open source; talk about tools like NPM, Bower, Gulp, Webpack and Yeoman; and describe some of the best practices for using these tools. During the webcast, he spoke about some of his favorite tools and how he uses them. He advises you pay attention to the constantly shifting landscape of these modern web development tools. "Some of these tools change daily, very rapidly," he says. And it's not just the tools themselves, but all the other components. "Also different frameworks have adopted different types of this technology."

Posted by Lafe Low on 05/23/2017

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