4 Programming Books to Add to Your Developer Toolbox

In an earlier blog post, we discussed a few .NET books for developer success. And as our team was weighing the options for the next book blog post, Ted Neward’s name kept popping up.

Ted has been a fixture with Visual Studio Live! for years. His lively, informative and opinionated sessions are always a big draw.

Besides being a regular at Visual Studio Live!, Ted is a prolific author, regularly contributing to MSDN magazine and co-authoring a number of books. So prolific, in fact, that we decided to dedicate an entire post to his work!

Here are a few books featuring Ted’s contributions that will broaden your developerand programming languageknowledge:

Professional F# 2.0 by Ted Neward, Aaron Erickson, Talbott Crowell, and Rick Minerich

Professional F# 2.0 came out in 2010, but it’s still a high-level germane reference to F#. This is by no means an introductory text.

To get the most out of this, it’s assumed you already have some familiarity with other development languages. And to really dive into this book, it's assumed you’re already a .NET developer looking to apply F#’s unique approaches to your code. The subject matter goes deep into F# syntax, the semantics, pattern matching, binding values and control flow, and F# and .NET data access.

VB.NET Core Classes in a Nutshell by Budi Kurniawan and Ted Neward

This publication outlines all the types found in 22 core namespaces of the .NET Framework Class Library. It's often paired with VB.NET Language in a Nutshell to serve as a two-volume reference for VB.NET programmers everywhere.

C# Language Pocket Reference & C# in a Nutshell by Peter Drayton, Ben Albahari, and Ted Neward

Avoiding the how-to format of many programming books, these resources are intended for quick reference in your day-to-day coding projects – whether you’re a C# veteran or just learning the language.

Want even more Ted? Check out his blog for his latest thoughts and industry insights.

Posted by Lafe Low on 04/29/2016

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