Web Development

TH18 Busy Developer's Guide to MEANJS


3:00pm - 4:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Ted Neward

Ted Neward

Director, Developer Relations


Build a simple application from scratch using the MEANJS package.

The MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) has taken the open-source world by storm. Many developers consider it to be "the next big thing" in the world of building Web-based applications. In this workshop, we're going to embrace our inner JavaScript and build a simple application from scratch using the MEANJS package, including tests against the server-side API and the client-side UI. We'll talk about how Node works on the server, how the various Node packages combine, and examine one such package (MeanJS) that coalesces several Node packages together to create a (somewhat) seamless development experience, while still leaving room for extension and/or replacement if desired or necessary.

You will learn:

  • Learn to build Node server-side APIs
  • Explore using Mongo for storage
  • Use AngularJS for the front-end