Human Factors in Engineering

W15 Mapping the Story – Make your Flat Backlog More Dynamic to Build Better Products


2:30pm - 3:45pm

Level: Introductory

Sara Caldwell

Business Agility Coach

Recalling all the US states easily is like second nature, a skill we acquire early on. Yet, when asked to list them now, the process slows down after naming a few. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Our brains have limits – they can only hold a few pieces of information at a time. It's not forgetfulness; it's simply how we function.

Join Sara Caldwell as she unveils a clever solution: Story Mapping. Developed by Jeff Patton, this technique transforms your backlog from a mere list into an engaging narrative. Imagine assembling a puzzle where each piece connects to a user story – stories that are pivotal.

Through Story Mapping, you'll achieve three impactful outcomes:
Everyone grasps our target,
We all see the way forward, and
We're armed with a solid plan.

Discover how this magic can reshape the way you and your team tackle challenges and set out on a journey towards success.

You will learn:

  • Feel more comfortable conducting or participating a story mapping session
  • Know when to use story mapping
  • Understanding who should join your story mapping session