Cloud, Containers, and Microservices

W06 IoT on Azure Data Services Overview


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Randy Pagels

DevOps Architect


Come think like a geek and join us and learn about the power of a Raspberry Pi device combined with Azure. IoT devices can be pretty powerful but sometimes it's hard to determine what IoT can do for your company and what business solutions you can solve. You probably already have capabilities to grab data through sensors, but what do you do with the data? How do you manipulate the data? How do you get actionable insights? And creating these applications takes a long time and a lot of code, right? Not necessarily.

Together, in this session, you will learn how to build out a real-life IoT scenario by capturing IoT data and ingesting it into the Cloud. We'll explore the amazing visualizations and insights we can draw from that data by applying Azure services like Azure Functions, Logic Apps, CosmosDB, Azure Maps, and more. You will see how you can create an end-to-end IoT application in a day, you'll see how easy it is to leverage Azure tools to innovate with IoT, and hopefully come away with some great ideas of your own.

You will learn:

  • Synergy of IoT devices and Azure for data power
  • Azure tools drive actionable insights from IoT data
  • Swift IoT app creation through Azure, sparking innovation