Human Factors in Engineering

T04 Lessons Learned from 10 years of Developer Advocacy


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate


Technical developer advocacy is no longer a role that you have to explain – it is critical to the success of most software product companies. And the craft has evolved over the past few years – come learn the many nuances to be successful. Take away well-accepted tricks of the trade applicable to most audiences – with real world developer advocacy examples and resources. How do you tell stories & weave your products in? How do you stay humble while making a name for yourself? How do you create a niche, write well, speak well and move the needle? How do you scale? How do you create value? How do you inspire? And how do you be a better human each day? Come be awesome!

You will learn:

  • Know most nuances of DevRel positions
  • Tips & tricks to be successful
  • Get perspectives from real world experiences