Native Client

Lessons Learned from Real–World HoloLens & Mixed Reality Projects


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Nick Landry

Senior Software Engineer


Developing mixed reality experiences for HoloLens and Mixed Reality (MR) headsets sounds fun in theory, but how does this translate to the real-world? This session is designed to assist teams who are exploring their first MR projects by drawing from lessons learned in the field when working on customer projects for HoloLens and MR. You'll discuss the MR opportunity for .NET developers, what role they can play in MR development, and what an ideal MR development team looks like in comparison to a typical enterprise dev team. You'll also look at how MR solutions can be integrated with cloud services and other systems to create real enterprise solutions. Lastly you'll explore how you can execute your first MR projects as hackfests for fast results, and talk about design considerations, development tips and tricks, and common pitfalls to avoid. Applications in Mixed Reality span a wide range of industries, from construction, architecture and manufacturing, to healthcare, pharma, education and more. Regardless of what projects you work on today, come learn how Mixed Reality can open a new chapter in your career.

You will learn:

  • About the high level principles of Mixed Reality, how the HoloLens & immersive headsets work, and how .NET developers can bring their skills to Mixed Reality
  • The differences between typical enterprise projects and MR projects, and what the composition of a Mixed Reality development team looks like
  • How to get started with Mixed Reality, tips & tricks, pitfalls to avoid and more