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Looking for intense hands-on developer training to help you take your dev career to a new level? VSLive! Training Seminars take our world-class education to you in an intimate virtual setting with an industry expert as your guide. Keep up-to-date on some of the hottest trends in the developer world to drive your career forward. These engaging and high-impact training seminars provide in-depth education and knowledge-share, networking with fellow peers, and one-on-one interaction with a skilled instructor to take what you have learned back to your office.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you're an aspiring developer or a seasoned pro, this hands-on seminar caters to individuals looking to build business applications using XAML and .NET MAUI effectively. If you are a C# Windows Forms developer or a WPF developer who wants to learn to use XAML in .NET MAUI applications, this is the course for you. If you are a development manager or a QA person who works with developers creating XAML applications, after attending this course you will be better equipped to work with those developers.

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2-Day Hands-On Training Seminar: From Zero to .NET MAUI
March 19-20, 2024
9:00AM – 5:00PM (Central)
Level: Intermediate

The promise of writing one set of code and running it everywhere has never really panned out for developers. However, using XAML and .NET MAUI you come much closer. Using .NET MAUI you can create business applications that run on Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone platforms. If you want to learn how to use one set of code and have that code run on multiple platforms, then this course is for you.

Instead of just rehashing the documentation for .NET MAUI, this course walks you step-by-step creating a business application with several screens. This course starts with the basics of XAML and how to create your first .NET MAUI application. You then build a detail screen using a grid, stack, and flex layouts. Using these tools, you see how easy it is to create screens that adjust to any screen size.

After you have the basics of XAML layout down, you learn how to use styles to improve the user UI experience. Another technique to master is the use of partial views that can be reused on multiple screens. This helps you avoid duplicate screens and code. Menu and screen navigation is built-in to .NET MAUI applications, and these are shown in a few different ways. All the standard controls you need to build a typical business application are present in XAML including borders, frames, switch, radio and check boxes, date and time pickers, and drop-down lists.

Another way to cut down on the amount of code to write is to take advantage of data binding. You can bind controls to controls, and controls to C# classes. You will learn the best ways to employ data binding in your .NET MAUI applications for maximum reusability of classes. A popular design pattern to help you take advantage of data binding is Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM). Combined with Dependency Injection (DI), and Commanding and you can practically eliminate code behind and keep all your code in classes where it belongs.

Throughout this seminar learn to create an N-Tier architecture to separate your UI from your models, data access, and view model classes. This makes your model, data access, and view model projects reusable on other .NET projects. Of course, this makes your unit testing much easier as well.

All the demos you are shown during this course are backed up with a set of labs for you to perform. Walking through these labs step-by-step ensures that you understand the concepts illustrated in each lesson. You are going to see and perform over 60 hands-on labs.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from the comfort of your own desk! Our virtual hands-on seminar ensures a convenient and immersive learning experience without the hassle of travel.

By the end of this course, you will be able to create .NET MAUI applications using XAML and C#. You will know the basics of creating business screen layouts, navigation, styling, and much more. The major topics covered in this course are the following.

  • Overview of XAML
  • Create Your First .NET MAUI Application
  • Design a User Detail Screen Using a Grid
  • Flexible UI Using Stacks and Flex Layouts
  • Add Styles to Improve the User Experience
  • Navigating From One Screen to Another
  • Create Reusable UI With Content Views
  • Borders, Frames, and ScrollView Separate UI Elements
  • Select Options with Switch and Radio Buttons
  • Dates, Times, and Drop-Down Lists
  • Binding Controls to Other Controls
  • Create Objects in XAML and Bind to Your UI
  • Update UI When Properties Change in Your Classes
  • Understanding the MVVM Design Pattern
  • Reduce Class Coupling with Dependency Injection
  • Avoid Code Behind by Using Commanding
  • Display Lists of Data with Collection Views
  • Navigating From Lists to Detail Views
  • Using Carousel and Indicator

You will learn:

  • All about XAML and .NET MAUI
  • About data binding, DI, Commanding, and the MVVM design pattern
  • How to creat an N-Tier application to be used beyond .NET MAUI

To get the most out of this course, I assume you are very familiar with the C# language, Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. You should be familiar with Object-Oriented Programming, understand Web API calls, and have a working knowledge of SQL Server.

Attendee Workstation Requirements:
You must provide your own computer (Windows or Mac) for this hands-on lab workshop with a camera, wired Internet connection, speakers, and a microphone with the following technologies installed:

  • Visual Studio 2022 V17.8 or later
  • or Visual Studio Code V1.8 or later
  • .NET 8.x or later
  • SQL Server 2017 or later

Meet Our Speaker

Paul Sheriff

Paul has been in the IT industry over 34 years. In that time he has successfully assisted hundreds of companies architect software applications to solve their toughest business problems. Paul has been a teacher and mentor through various mediums such as video courses, blogs, articles and speaking engagements at user groups and conferences around the world. Contact Paul at [email protected].

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If you are a developer, architect, or senior software engineer looking for training, this VSLive! Training Seminar provides focused in-depth training with one of the top experts in the field. Attend virtually and learn how to create .NET MAUI applications using XAML and C#.


With small classes and an expert instructor, the intimate virtual setting of these training courses allows for networking with your peers to learn from their experiences, problem-solve, and bring solutions back to your office.

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