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Looking for intense hands-on developer training to help you take your dev career to a new level? VSLive! Training Seminars take our world-class education to you in an intimate virtual setting with an industry expert as your guide. Keep up-to-date on some of the hottest trends in the developer world to drive your career forward. These engaging and high-impact training seminars provide in-depth education and knowledge-share, networking with fellow peers, and one-on-one interaction with a skilled instructor to take what you have learned back to your office.

Who Should Attend?

This is a technical, hands-on VSLive! training seminar appropriate for:

  • Programmers that need to display and modify data in a relational database
  • QA Engineers that need to setup and tear-down databases for testing
  • Development managers that need to communicate better with their DBAs or developers
  • DBAs who want to refine their SQL skills

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2-Day Hands-On Training Seminar: SQL for Developers
September 21-22, 2023
9:00AM – 5:00PM (Central)
Level: Introductory

Whether you use SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQLLite, PostgreSQL, or another relational database in your application development you need to know how to use Structured Query Language (SQL). In this VSLive! hands-on seminar, you are guided step-by-step to building SQL to read, order, filter, and modify data in a relational database. Throughout the course you are provided with the best practices of how these apply to application development. The course shows you how to aggregate data, build subqueries, join two or more tables, and group data. You also learn to create stored procedures, user-defined functions, and views. The most widely used date, math, string, conversion, JSON, and XML manipulation functions are also covered. Finally, you learn the basics of query optimization using built-in tools, indexes, and writing efficient queries.

All the demos you are shown during this course are backed up with a set of labs for you to perform. Walking through these labs step-by-step ensures that you understand the concepts illustrated in each lesson. You are going to see over 120 demos and perform over 50 hands-on labs.

SQL Server is used for the demonstrations, however, most of the SQL queries are generic enough to be used on other relational database systems. C# and .NET are used to demonstrate how to submit queries to SQL Server, but the process should be easily transferable to other client-side technologies.

By the end of this 2-Day Seminar, you will be able to write queries against one or multiple tables, aggregate data, insert, update, and delete data in tables. You will be able to write stored procedures, user-defined functions, and views to help you with your development projects. You will be comfortable filtering data using WHERE clauses and writing subqueries. You will also have learned the basics of query optimization. This course focuses on just what you need as a developer, not as a DBA..

  • A Quick Introduction to Relational Databases
  • Retrieving Data with SELECT
  • Working With SELECT Filters and Expressions
  • Ordering Data Using ORDER BY
  • Get Subsets of Data with the WHERE Clause
  • Aggregating Data using Sum, Min, Max, and Avg
  • Using Subqueries to Filter Data
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Data
  • Retrieve Data from Multiple Tables with JOINs
  • Set Operators (UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT)
  • Group Data Using GROUP BY and HAVING
  • Working with Date Data Types
  • Working with the String Data Type
  • Rounding, Math, Null, Data, and Decision Functions
  • Working with Views
  • Working with User-Defined Functions
  • Working with Stored Procedures and Transactions
  • Working with Common Table Expressions
  • The Basics of Query Optimization

Join VSLive! and Paul D. Sheriff, one of the best instructors in the industry, on your journey to becoming a SQL programmer.

No prior SQL experience is necessary for this course.

Attendee Workstation Requirements:
You must provide your own computer (Windows or Mac) for this hands-on lab workshop with a camera, wired Internet connection, speakers, and a microphone. Your computer must have the following technologies installed prior to joining the session:

  • SQL Server 2022 (Developer Edition or higher)
  • or SQL Server Express 2022

Meet Our Speaker

Paul Sheriff

Paul has been in the IT industry over 34 years. In that time he has successfully assisted hundreds of companies architect software applications to solve their toughest business problems. Paul has been a teacher and mentor through various mediums such as video courses, blogs, articles and speaking engagements at user groups and conferences around the world. Contact Paul at [email protected].

Top Reasons To Join Us

In-Depth Training.

If you are a developer, architect, or senior software engineer looking for training, this VSLive! Training Seminar provides focused in-depth training with one of the top experts in the field. Attend virtually and learn all about SQL for Developers, including writing queries against one or multiple tables, aggregating data, and inserting, updating, and deleting data in tables.


With small classes and an expert instructor, the intimate virtual setting of these training courses allows for networking with your peers to learn from their experiences, problem-solve, and bring solutions back to your office.

Get the Most Out of Your Time.

If you don’t have time for a full 4, 5, or 6-day conference, look no further. VSLive! Virtual Training Seminars provide in-depth, actionable training in a two-day format to fit in with your busy schedule.

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