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Who Should Attend?

This hands-on seminar is designed for those who are interested or needing to understand how code executes inside the Common Language Runtime (CLR). For example, people in technical roles e.g. software developers, architects, and developers on corporate development teams.

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2-Day Hands-On Training Seminar: Busy .NET Developer's Training on the Common Language Runtime (CLR)
July 29-30, 2021
9:00AM – 5:00PM (Central)
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is an incredibly powerful and elegant creature that has patiently executed millions of .NET applications, application servers, and demos for almost two decades. Even then, sometimes behavior within the CLR surprises the programmers that use it, even though the behavior is documented and available. In this 2-day hands-on seminar, we will explore the CLR in depth, looking at some of the "arcana" of the CLR that separates the C# developer from the CLR guru.

Join us for this 2-Day Hands-On Training Seminar...

  • because you want to be able to debug
  • because every developer should know one layer below the layer at which they work
  • because you are just curious (and the CLR is fascinating!)
  • because .NET developers who know this stuff are just better than everybody else

Course Outline:

  • Write a simple app, slightly more complex than HelloWorld; we use that app as the backbone of how a .NET application is executed
  • The app gets compiled into bytecode: CIL
  • The app gets packaged as an assembly: Assembly format
  • CLR Runtime fires up and bootstraps into place: Invocation API
  • App gets loaded into the CLR: Assembly loading
  • Types are resolved and metadata is loaded: Reflection
  • Objects are allocated out of the GC heap: GC
  • Eventually actions "call down" to the underlying OS: P/Invoke

Attendee Laptop/Workstation Requirements:
You must provide your own computer (Windows or Mac), any laptop (Windows or macOS) from within the last three years should be sufficient hardware. You must have either .NET 5, .NET Core 3.x, or .NET Framework 4.7 or later installed; and have Visual Studio 2019 (Windows), Visual Studio Mac, Visual Studio Code, or JetBrains Rider installed and running to participate in this hands-on training.

Meet Our Speaker

Ted Neward Director of Platform Strategy, Quicken Loans

Ted is a Director of Platform Strategy for Quicken Loans, where he directs and defines next-generation platform strategy for the company. Prior to this, he was (and remains) the Principal at Neward & Associates, LLC, where he advised companies looking to figure out the intersection of people, process and technology. He's been at every level in the organizational tree -- from software engineer up through architect, Director, and CTO -- for companies ranging from sweat-equity startups to IPO-success startups to companies who've been public for decades. He's written dozens of books and hundreds of articles on Java, .NET, Javascript, iOS and Android, including a monthly back-page editorial in CODE Magazine. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, sons, three cats, seven smartphones, eight tablets, five laptops, and a serious electric bill. Reach him on Twitter as @tedneward.

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In-Depth Training.

If you are a developer, developer lead, or industry professional looking for training, VSLive! Training Seminars provide focused in-depth training with one of the top experts in the field. Attend virtually, and learn all about CLR in depth.


With small classes and an expert instructor, the intimate virtual setting of these training courses allows for networking with your peers to learn from their experiences, problem-solve, and brings solutions back to your office.

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If you don't have time for a full 4, 5, or 6-day conference, look no further. VSLive! Virtual Training Seminars provide in-depth, actionable training in a two-day format to fit in with your busy schedule.

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