W12 JQuery for ASP.NET Developers - Part 1


1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Level: Intermediate

Jeffrey McManus

Jeffrey McManus


Platform Associates

ASP.NET Ajax gives the power of Ajax to ASP.NET Web developers, but at a cost in flexibility, performance degradation and bandwidth. But ASP.NET developers have other alternatives to build their Ajax applications. By serializing data on the server in the JSON format and using the JavaScript library JQuery, developers can overcome the limitations of Microsoft’s own Ajax stack. And because JQuery wraps complex Ajax calls and provides cross-browser support, it doesn’t add signficant complexity to your code (assuming you’re already good with curly braces).

Soon to be included with ASP.NET out of the box, JQuery is a lightweight, open-source Javascript library that gives you a tremendous amount of power to create rich web applications that run in the browser. This session will start with an introduction to JQuery and progress to the creation of a sophisticated, lightweight, data-driven Ajax application using ASP.NET and JQuery.

You will learn:

Understanding of JQuery for developers looking for a more lightweight, cross-platform, and standards-based alternative to ASP.NET Ajax.