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SoftFluent is an innovative company industrializing the software development of data-oriented applications on the .NET platform. SoftFluent has leveraged its strong experience in building enterprise applications to create a methodology that makes Model-Driven Software Engineering a reality on the Microsoft platform.

This methodology is embodied into CodeFluent Entities, the first fully model-driven .NET software factory generating ready-to-use components, from database to user interface, based on a pragmatic modeling approach. With CodeFluent Entities, you will deliver highest quality applications, with ‘by design’ evolution capability, at an estimated gain over traditional approaches of at least 50%. Visit us at: www.codefluententities.com or www.softfluent.com


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Versant (VSNT) is an industry leader in object database management software available for .NET, Java and C++, helping software developers world wide to create unique applications handling complex information and high performance / high availability database requirements. Versant customers cut hardware costs, speed and simplify development, and significantly reduce database administration costs. Versant’s solutions are deployed in many ISV, OEM, Enterprise and Defense/Government applications. Our customers include market leaders such as Alcatel Lucent, Eidos Media, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Sabre, Siemens, many more. www.versant.com 

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AvePoint is proud to be a U.S.-based technology company and software innovator. Since 2001, AvePoint has been a leader in enterprise-strength infrastructure management solutions for the world’s most popular collaboration platforms. Propelled by one of the world’s largest SharePoint-exclusive development teams outside of Microsoft, AvePoint’s award-winning DocAve Software Platform delivers comprehensive, flexible infrastructure support for SharePoint data protection, replication, migration, administration, content lifecycle management, storage optimization, deployment management, and compliance.

With headquarters, research facilities, and engineering centers in Jersey City, NJ, and wholly owned engineering centers and sales offices in San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Houston, USA; London, UK; Melbourne, Australia; Munich, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; and Changchun, Dalian, China, AvePoint serves more than 5,000 enterprise customers, including many Fortune 500 companies. www.AvePoint.com



ESRI’s geographic Information system (GIS) technology has given clients the power to think and plan geographically for over 40 years. Used today in more than 350,000 organizations worldwide, GIS helps cities, governments, universities, and Fortune 500 companies save money, lives, and our environment. GIS helps you understand and question data in ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. So whether you are transporting ethanol or studying landslides, you can use GIS to solve problems and make better decisions, because a GIS enables you to look at your valuable data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared.

ESRI supports the implementation of GIS technology on the desktop, servers, online services, and mobile devices. www.esri.com

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Complete Spreadsheet, Reporting, Analysis and Business Intelligence Tools for .NET.

Founded in 1980, GrapeCity is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Premier Visual Studio Industry Partner, an international award-winning software firm, and the world’s largest provider of developer components and tools that includes the DataDynamics ActiveReports and FarPoint Spread product lines. Our products are deep in functionality, unleash real business value, and are driven by an unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards. We are a strong organization with over two decades of consistent growth. We have more than 850 employees and tens of thousands of global customers. http://us.grapecity.com/


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Aptimize Website Accelerator (WAX) automatically tunes websites and intranets to be faster - instantly reducing page load times up to 75%. WAX dynamically accelerates pages by merging javascript, stylesheets and images into fewer files; compressing these files; and increasing the browser caching. Available for Windows and with a custom version for SharePoint, customers include Fortune 500's like Raytheon, Fluor, FirstData, and the world's largest SharePoint installation for RM.com. Microsoft has been using Aptimize to speed up http://SharePoint.Microsoft.com for over a year now with great results. Visit www.aptimize.com for more information.

Melissa Data

Melissa Data specializes in scalable data quality APIs and WCF based Web services that seamlessly integrate with custom .NET development. Empower applications and Web portals with new capabilities to rapidly verify, correct, enrich, and standardize address, name, phone, and email data, geocode to the house level, bulk mail presort, and merge-purge-dedupe any data with advanced matching algorithms. www.MelissaData.com


RSSBus provides integration tools and components enabling straightforward connectivity with Internet and Intranet applications, services, databases, and other information systems. Software developers use the RSSBus Data Providers to easily connect their .NET applications with Amazon Web Services, PayPal, eBay, QuickBooks, FedEx, Salesforce.com, MS CRM, Twitter, SharePoint, Azure, and various other applications and services. With RSSBus Data Providers developers gain bidirectional access to data with full CRUD support and can easily connect with any system through simple ‘Data Binding’ - just like using SQL Server. www.rssbus.com


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  • Silverlight/WPF
    Silverlight, WPF, XAML, VS10 Xaml designer, Blend, WCF RIA Services
  • Web
    Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX
  • Visual Studio 2010/.NET 4
    Visual Studio features, TFS, languages, parallel extensions
  • Cloud Computing
    Includes cloud, server and messaging technologies
    Azure, Amazon, AppFabric, REST services, “Dallas”, WCF, Windows Workflow
  • SharePoint Live
    SharePoint, Office
  • Data Management
    SQL Server, BI, reporting, analysis, ADO.NET EF, ANDS, oData, Sync services