TU17 Understanding ASP.NET Under the Covers


3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Level: Intermediate

Miguel Castro

Miguel Castro



Melvicorp LLC

In my humble opinion, nothing makes you a better developer than truly understanding how something works beyond the superficial. We all know ASP.NET as the great framework and development environment for delivering web applications; but do you truly know what happens, in detail, from the moment you request an ASPX page to the moment the HTML is served? A lot of this is the web control architecture that resides at the very heart of ASP.NET, and a lot of is based on the fact that ASP.NET is designed for so much more than just serving pages. In fact, learning how controls work is learning how ASP.NET works. In this session, I’ll step through the process from the moment you type your URL to the point where you see the page on your browser, and every step in between. While you learn and understand this roadway that is the ASP.NET architecture, you’ll see how it is capable of handling many other things besides web pages.

This session is for the beginner who is new to ASP.NET as well as for the advanced developer who simply wants to get more intimate with how it truly does what it does. Learn about controls, handlers, modules, page parsing, request, response, etc. This is not new MVC, or bleeding edge Silverlight. No egos here, just a terrific appreciation for understanding the ins and outs of something that has successfully let you deliver great web applications for eight years now; in my opinion, a prerequisite for anything else we do with Microsoft tools on the web today.

You will learn:

  • Understanding of what happens behind the scenes in ASP.NET
  • Knowledge of how to intercept the ASP.NET pipeline
  • Knowledge of how the page lifecycle works
  • Understanding of handlers and modules