Developing New Experiences, Fast Focus

W13 Fast Focus: Running .NET on Linux: What's Different?


2:00pm - 2:20pm

Level: Introductory

Steve Roberts

Developer Advocate

Amazon Web Services

Should you do it? Should you really move away from Windows Server? We'll explore .NET for *nix by first tackling the dotnet CLI tool, VS Code, PowerShell Core, Kestrel, and other tools you'll find for working in a non-Windows OS.

Then, we'll learn about the new deployment environments where we can run .NET code, such as Docker Linux containers, AWS Lambda, and Linux distros.

Along the way, I'll highlight how you can use .NET to still deliver amazing software, even if you aren't using Visual Studio on Windows.

You will learn:

  • .NET Core basics and tooling
  • Linux essentials
  • Basic open source projects used on Linux