General Sessions

General Session: Cloud Native Development with .NET Core


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Shayne Boyer

Principal Program Manager, Developer Experiences team


Scott Hunter

VP of Product for the Azure Developer Experience team


With recent investments made to make .NET more open and portable so it could run anywhere with Linux and Docker support, .NET Core is better than ever for building cloud-native apps. We'll go beyond the basic features of ASP.NET to look at how you can use .NET Core all-up with Azure services like Azure App Configuration and Key Vault for secure, distributed configuration. Finally, we'll show you how to use the new .NET Core Worker template with Kubernetes, Azure Container Instances and the Azure Container Registry to enable you with building microservices with world-class tools for any platform. Scott Hunter and Shayne Boyer will show you how .NET Core is the best development platform for cloud-native app development.