.NET Core and More

TH11 Past, Present & Future of C# Debugging


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Alon Fliess

Chief Architect


In the past – debugging was a task for the Spartan developer. We had to debug with Console.WriteLine like cavemen. The present is nice and easy. The future will be magical! We'll be able to debug in a way no man has experienced before.

Ever wonder how you can easily debug LINQ queries? or find which part of the code has changed the object state? Have you ever wanted to see what will happen in the future without single stepping into the next line of code?

This session explains how to solve software bugs in a systematic method. We will explore the current Visual Studio debugger, showing some advanced features that can be used to enhance productivity and solve bugs faster. The session also includes information about the best Visual Studio debugging add–on – OzCode and reveals our plans for future debugging features!

You will learn:

  • Advanced Visual Studio debugging capabilities to control the debugging session
  • Advanced OzCode debugging tools that will save you time
  • Predicting the future