DevOps in the Spotlight, Microsoft Sessions

TH17 The Power of DevOps in the Real World


3:30pm - 4:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Neil Peterson

Cloud Advocate


It is now 2019 and good DevOps practices are no longer just nice to have. It is absolutely necessary to continuously deliver value to our end users. Yet this isn't easy to do right.

In this session, we will explore the whys and the how. Why is DevOps important? Why do we care? How do we implement DevOps best practices? And finally, we will do a real world deep dive.

Starting from nothing at all except source code (and I mean NOTHING. No infrastructure at all) we end with a complex modern application deployed all the way out into production hosted in the cloud.

We will touch on all modern technologies. From web front ends, to deploying databases with API's in Kubernetes clusters and even mobile apps. With the right tooling, anything is possible. And in this session, you will see all this happen live with DevOps best practices!