Web / HTML5, For Developers

VSW13 Making HTML5 Work Everywhere


4:00pm - 5:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Todd Anglin

EVP Cross-Platform Tools & Services


One of the great promises of HTML5 is that you can create software that runs everywhere. In many ways, HTML5 lives-up to this promise, but as with any evolving standard, support across different browsers and devices is inconsistent. To effectively adopt HTML5 today, developers must master the skills that fill-in the gaps and minimize the differences between HTML5 runtimes. In this session, you will learn the essential techniques needed to create HTML5 sites and apps that truly work everywhere.

You will learn:
• Learn four strategies for adopting HTML5
• Analyze the impact browsers have on HTML5 readiness & adoption
• Explore new HTML5 features and techniques for using in older browsers