WPF / Silverlight, For Developers

VSW02 Navigation and UI Shells for XAML Applications


9:15am - 10:30am

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Billy Hollis

XAML Slinger

XAML applications with more than a few screens need a navigation shell to serve as the application’s entry point. This session covers the options for creating such a shell, from rolling your own to using some of the most common starter shells such as MVVM Light, Caliburn, or Prism. Impact of touch on navigation shells is also discussed, including suggestions for making your application friendly to Windows 8 guidelines. This session does not put a complete shell in your hand, but if you are ready to create a solid foundation for your XAML application, you’ll get a lot of suggestions to consider.

You will learn:

  • Essential shell capabilities checklist
  • Overview of “starter kit” options, such as Caliburn and Prism
  • Sample implementation of validation and view communication