Windows 8 / WinRT, For Developers

VSTH19 No User Controls Please: Customizing Metro Style Controls Using XAML


3:00pm - 4:15pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Elad Shaham

Senior Consultant and Instructor

Sela Group

The easiest way to create a customized user interface when developing a Windows 8 Metro Style application is to throw in a few User Controls, but where's the fun in that? XAML and C# provides more than one approach to customize the look and feel of our app; all we need to do is choose the right one for our needs. In this session we will talk about creating and overriding Control Templates, creating custom controls or simply using Data Binding and Data Templates to bend the UI to our needs.

You will learn:
• Understand the right reasons for modifying a control
• Learn how to create and modify control templates using Blend
• Understand how to work with the Visual State Manager and Behaviors in more complex templating scenarios