Windows 8 / WinRT, For Developers

VSTH15 Making your Windows 8 App Come to Life, Even When It's Not Running


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Elad Shaham

Senior Consultant and Instructor

Sela Group

Windows 8 provides developers with more ways to interact with the user. Our app does not need to be running in the foreground in order to display fresh information. Updating our app's tile, popping up a toast notification, or updating the app's badge in the lock screen will help us create alternative interactions with the user's desktop. In this session we will see how to create a more vivid experience for our users, one which will attract them to use our app more often. We will achieve that goal by running background tasks or sending push notifications from our server.

You will learn:
• Learn about the different ways a developer can create alternative interactions with the user
• Show how to update the app tile and show a toast notification
• Understand how to run code which alternative interactions are created in a background task