Cloud Computing

W10 Navigating the Azure Decision Tree of IaaS vs PasS


1:30pm - 2:45pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Peter Laudati

Developer Evangelist


When considering cloud solutions for your application’s needs, there is a decision tree that most architects inevitably walk through:  IaaS vs PaaS vs Hybrid.  Companies want the fine grain control of having their own Virtual Machines, but crave the efficiencies of having a PaaS model where they can focus solely on their application logic.  Between VMs, Cloud Services, and Azure App Services, with Microsoft Azure you have amazing flexibility in hosting options for all three scenarios.  While this flexibility is what makes Azure one of the best cloud platforms in the market, it also makes the decision tree less clear.  You don’t necessarily have to make a decision at all whether to go with one or the other.  Mixing and matching in a hybrid solution is perfectly plausible.  In this session, we’ll examine the different compute hosting options available in Microsoft Azure, and walk through some common decision matrixes that real world companies are making.