Reasons to Attend

1. The Code That Never Sleeps.  We know.  You eat code, drink code, and dream code.  So do we!  Our experts have worked tirelessly to create content to get you up to speed on what’s now, new and next on the .NET highway.

2. A Trusted Source Since 1993.  We take pride in the fact that the Developer Community has come to us for the best in developer-focused education and training for over 20 years.

3. Small Price in the Big Apple. Get 4 days of developer-focused education for a great value. Plus, the earlier you register, the more you save!

A Melting Pot of Perspective! We want you to learn about the most recent software and industry updates from every angle. That's why you'll get to hear from both unbiased industry experts and Microsoft insiders at your sessions.

5. The Best Borough for Content. What you need to know now from the hottest borough in New York: the information-packed 4-day agenda offers multiple sessions in tracks such as Visual Studio /.NET Framework, Cloud Computing, Cross-Platform Mobile and JavaScript/HTML5 Client.

6. What’s that in the Distance?  Find Out Here! Find out what's on the horizon and how to avoid road blocks and potholes on the Microsoft and developer landscape from those in the know.

7. A Little One-on-one Time. The speakers (some of the best in the industry) at Visual Studio Live! take the time to meet and chat with attendees before and after sessions, during breaks, at meal times and at networking events. This is your chance to get those burning questions answered!

8. We are Visual Studio Live! The latest Microsoft .NET Framework release includes exciting new capabilities that apply to any type of .NET application. Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 provides ever more powerful features around debugging, architecture and application lifecycle management (ALM). Visual Studio Live! gives you the information you need to understand and leverage the power of .NET, Visual Studio, ALM, and the .NET Framework today and into the future.

9. You Talkin' to Me? Developers, software architects and designers will all be at the conference — take advantage of the meals and networking events to get to know your colleagues.

10. The Ultimate Code Trip.  Getting out from behind your desk, stepping away from the daily grind, and taking 4 days to soak in new knowledge is still the best way to move forward on new projects and breathe life into ones at the office.