A Message From Our Co-Chairs

With autumn in full swing and children’s minds filled with dreams of candy promised on Halloween, October also brings the fun and deep learning that is Visual Studio Live! Chicago 2019! Every company is a software company and if you’re not staying current, you’re falling behind. With good food, unparalleled networking, and great technical learning, Visual Studio Live! Chicago is here to help you not just keep up-to-date, but to “get ahead” and be ready to help your team and organization be on top.

We’re Andrew Brust, Rockford Lhotka, and Brian Randell, and as Conference Co-Chairs for Visual Studio Live! Chicago, we’d like to personally invite you to join us this October, 5 minutes from Millennium Park, at the Swissôtel Chicago. As veterans of the show and longtime speakers, we may be biased, but we firmly believe that an in-person experience, where you get to have two-way conversations about the latest tools and technology, with some of the finest expert speakers in the business—and with the chance to network with your peers—continues to deliver the highest level of value. The rapid change of pace means there is more you need to know. As in years past, Microsoft announced many great updates and new compelling technologies in May for developers & technologists. Our cohort of technical speakers will be ready to help you know what’s ready, what’s not, and provide their expert advice and knowledge on how to build the best solutions for your customers.

Visual Studio Live! Chicago gives you a rich multi-track event with great 75-minute breakout sessions and a full day of deep workshops, covering a wide array of development technologies for everyone. From security to databases to the latest Web and mobile technologies, we’ve got you covered. Our speakers will present on AI, machine learning, serverless, and enterprise software solutions in-depth, with experience on Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile platforms.

We have picked every Hands-On Lab, workshop and session with the goal of transferring knowledge to you, so you can be a better developer and help your organization succeed in this ever-changing world.

You’ll find coverage on Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, the full .NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard, container technologies and Big Data analytics. If the Web is more your style, you’ll find coverage of JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular and WebAssembly on the client as well as ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core on the server. Feeling confused about .NET? We’ve got sessions to clear it up. Want to improve the quality of your software? We’ve got sessions on feature flags, writing testable code, and versioning APIs. Mystified as to how you can bring DevOps to your organization? Our speakers will answer your questions with practical guidance on mobile development, Web, database and more.

Our workshop content provides coverage of Cross-Platform C# using .NET Core, Kubernetes, and WebAssembly; the latest on SQL Server for Developers; and Serverless in the Azure Cloud with Azure DevOps. Want to get your hands dirty? We’ve got two great all-day Hands-On Labs covering ASP.NET Core & EF Core as well as Azure with Xamarin. Our sessions, Hands-On Labs, and workshops drill deep into the subjects you need to master and the fundamentals that are always important.

Our industry continues the march toward the future. To keep up, you need to absorb rapidly and adapt. Go beyond Internet-based content to a live experience, where you get to ask questions in real-time and engage directly with the experts and your peers. Find a way to get to Visual Studio Live! Chicago and get the tools to help yourself grow.

We hope to see you there!

Visual Studio Live! Conference Co-Chairs

Andrew Brust, Founder & CEO, Blue Badge Insights
Rockford Lhotka, CTO, Magenic
Brian A. Randell, Partner, MCW Technologies