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TH09 Writing Testable Code and Resolving Dependencies - DI Kills Two Birds with One Stone


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Miguel Castro



Melvicorp LLC

Dependency Injection is one of those terms that advanced programmers throw out with an expectation and assumption of full understanding on the part of the receiver. However, it is often immediately apparent many don't even know what they're asking about. It's easy to get infatuated by a cool buzz phrase, especially when you hear so many others using it. But to truly understand something you need to start by understanding the problem spaces that it is trying to solve. To write testable software, you need to understand and embrace abstractions and injecting them. But then you introduce the problem of having to resolve dependency chains. This is where using a DI container helps you solve both these issues. This session will show you how to make your code testable and maintainable with the help of a DI container. If this is something your organization has not fully embraced yet, come and prepare for a tremendous wow factor.

You will learn:

  • How to demonstrate problem code
  • How to embrace abstractions for across-the-board testability
  • How to use a full-featured DI container