Cloud, Containers and Microservices

TH02 Docker for ASP.NET Core Developers


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Introductory

Michele Leroux Bustamante

Co-founder / CIO


Docker lets .NET developers build containerized applications for Windows or Linux. Windows containers support full .NET Framework applications, which makes for a great migration story. With ASP.Net Core, developers can target both Linux-based Docker containers or Windows containers. In either case, you can now develop your applications on Windows using your favorite .NET developer tools, then build Docker images and run them as containers on Windows Server or Linux machines. In this session, you will learn to build ASP.Net Core applications that can target either Windows or Linux containers and learn development tricks for rocking your local development experience with Docker, including structuring your CICD workflows with VSTS. Topics include common considerations as you work locally, enabling teams to work well together with the help of Docker, running containers locally and publishing through environments seamlessly, composing multiple containers, instrumenting early, working with a Docker Registry, automating image builds and deploying to Azure with just a few clicks.