ALM / DevOps

TH11 Cross Platform Continuous Delivery with Team Build and Release Management


11:00am - 12:15pm

Level: Introductory to Intermediate

Tiago Pascoal

Visual Studio ALM MVP

Come learn how you can tear down the wall between development and operation teams. Learn how to leverage Team Build and Visual Studio Release Management to ensure both teams are part of the same process. Learn how to achieve continuous code delivery, and make your code flow from your machine into development and QA and production environments in an automated and effortless way.

Learn how you can use release management to move code from development into production with quality gate checks in place (manual and automatic), with approval workflows and with full traceability of what has been deployed and when. See how to deploy cross platform code to either on premises server or to the cloud, for both Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server.

You'll learn:

  • About Team Build, Release Management and its concepts
  • How to implement a release pipeline with automatic quality gates and workflow approval processes
  • How to extend Release Management to support tools that are not available out of the box