Reasons to Attend

1. Park the Car in Harvard Yard. Did you say that in your best Boston accent to yourself?  We hope so.  Join us on first trip to Boston in almost a decade to get up to speed on what's now, new and next on the campaign for code trail.

2. Our Policy? Lots of Content. What you need to know now: the information-packed 4-day agenda offers multiple sessions in tracks such as Visual Studio /.NET Framework, Cloud Computing, Software Practices and new for Boston, Web Server.

3. Better Code for All.  We take pride in the fact that the Developer Community has come to us for the best in developer-focused education and training for over 20 years.

4. We Stand By Our Name. Visual Studio Live! In August of 2015, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015. 2015 is an exciting release with new editions with tons of new features, not to mention Microsoft's exciting venture into more open source and cross-platform development. We'll give you the information you need to understand and leverage the power of .NET, Visual Studio, ALM, and VSO today and into the future.

5. Beantown Bargain. Get 4 days of developer-focused education for a great price! Plus, the earlier you register, the more you save!

6. Bipartisan Straight Talk. The Microsoft insiders and unbiased industry experts at #VSLive  break down the recent software and industry updates from every angle, giving you insightful perspective on how to best leverage them for your organization.

7. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.  Did you sing that David Bowie lyric in your head?  We hope so. Moving to the Cloud? Embracing enterprise mobility? Opening the floodgates of open source development? Are you ready? Andrew Brust, Rockford Lhotka, and Brian Randell, our conference co-chairs, are here to help you not only understand and work with the change, but master it!

8. Transparent and Available Experts. Sit down for some one-on-one time with the likes of Andrew Brust, Miguel Castro, Billy Hollis, Ted Neward, and Deborah Kurata. Speakers at Visual Studio Live! are always able and willing to talk to you outside of sessions – it's a great opportunity to get insightful, on-point answers to some of your burning questions!

9. Talk. Share. Plan a Revolution. Developers, engineers, software architects and designers will all be at the conference from all around the world -- take advantage of the meals and networking events to get to know your colleagues.

10. Hit the Campaign Trail.  Getting out from behind your desk, stepping away from the daily grind, and taking 4 days to soak in new knowledge is still the best way to move forward on new projects and breathe life into ones at the office.