Mobile Client

TH08 Automated UI Testing for iOS and Android Mobile Apps


9:30am - 10:45am

Level: Intermediate

James Montemagno

Principal Program Manager – Xamarin


A growing number of mobile devices with constantly advancing operating system releases are hitting the market at a lightning pace. Creating a comprehensive testing suite is imperative to success in the mobile market to ensure your app is of the highest quality with each and every release. Unit tests can only test your core business logic. How can you ensure your user interface is bulletproof and regression free on four versions of iOS on 20 devices or eight versions of android on over 24,000 device models? This is where creating automated user interface testing for mobile apps comes in.

Xamarin.UITest is a freely available testing framework that helps you create user interface tests to programmatically interact with native and hybrid apps. Swipe, tap, or rotate any user interface element and then perform real world assertions and take screenshots for visual validation along the way. Learn how to create these tests and run them locally on your own device or simulator or take them to the Xamarin Test Cloud to automatically test your application on thousands of physical devices ensuring mobile success.

You will learn:

  • The different ways to test your apps business logic and user interface logic across iOS and Android
  • About the free Xamarin.UITest library to craft automated user interface tests for ANY iOS or Android app
  • How to leverage the Xamarin Test