Mobile Client

TH04 Windows for Makers: Raspberry Pi, Arduino & IoT


8:00am - 9:15am

Level: Intermediate

Nick Landry

Senior Technical Evangelist


Did you know Windows 10 can run on a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 computer? Makers have taken the world by storm, creating countless gadgets and automated systems, connecting everything around them. This session is for makers–neophytes and veterans alike–who want to explore the capabilities of Windows 10 IoT Core to build hacks based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), basically attaching electronic sensors and outputs to their Windows 10 apps. You'll learn about the tools, how to get started, what hardware you'll need, and how to build your first Windows hardware project on the Raspberry Pi. You'll also explore how you can extend your Windows 10 mobile projects with custom hardware using the Windows Arduino Remote, and how your Arduino projects can leverage Windows hardware as affordable virtual shields. Take your maker projects to the next level, and come learn valuable skills to prepare and extend your developer skills for the Internet of Things (IoT).

You'll learn:

  • About the many offerings from Microsoft for makers & IoT including Windows 10 IoT Core, Arduino Remote and Virtual Shields for Arduino
  • How to build a simple electronic project with LEDs and user input with a Raspberry Pi, Windows 10 IoT Core and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • How to connect Arduino gadgets to Windows 10 apps via Arduino Remote and Virtual Shields