Keynote: User Interaction Design in a NUI World


8:00am - 9:00am

Level: Everyone

Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby

Microsoft Global RD & MVP-Emerging Experiences

Founder / Exec Chairman

InterKnowlogy, Actus, VSBLTY

How is natural and intuitive interactive usability designed into software?

Join Tim Huckaby in an entertaining and technical discussion of the lessons learned over more than years of designing, developing and implementing interactive software systems. Touch, gesture and voice recognition: All the bad; all the good; all the stories, and the tools, tips and tricks learned along the way. Interactive Software built for:

  • Broadcast television entities like CNN, NBC, ABC and others.
  • Industries like hospitality, retail, entertainment, automotive, healthcare and more.
This keynote will also show you the use cases where these types of multi-touch, gesture and voice recognition capable solutions in all form factors of displays are happening. And those coming in the immediate future.

Frequently touch capability is not possible or just doesn't make sense. In many airports, for instance, you do not want to touch anything. It's just not safe. Bacteria (and other pathogens) live on touch screens in public places and are a real threat. In sterile environments like a hospital, touch isn't legally possible either. That is a use case where gesture and voice controlled software comes into play nicely. With Microsoft Kinect (and other 3D cameras) innovative solutions are not only possible, but ultra-cool and come with their own usability issues. These are the use cases where good interaction design is so important.

This demo-heavy keynote will show you a number of real interactive solutions navigated by touch, voice and gesture (from propriety solutions to broadcast television solutions you see every day). And this keynote will show you how these solutions were built and the user interaction design problems they evolved through.