4 Must-Read AngularJS Blogs

Angular has gained quite a bit of popularity as an open-source Web application development framework due to its intent to simplify application development and testing.

Given its flexible nature, there are a number of approaches and best practices for incorporating Angular into your apps. Whether you're a dabbling novice or a proficient expert, here are four content-packed, super-informative AngularJS blogs we found that are worth a read.


Posted by Lafe Low on 02/10/20160 comments

Some of the Best Visual Studio Blogs to Follow: Part 1

Visual Studio is such a powerhouse application development platform, that there's NO shortage of expert advice available in the blogosphere these days.

To help you navigate the resource waters, we dove head-first into this information ocean to find the best Visual Studio blogs for advice and guidance. Here’s part 1 of our findings, focused on ALM, TFS and VSTS.


Posted by Lafe Low on 02/03/20160 comments

NEW Content Added to the Visual Studio Live! Las Vegas Agenda

As 2015 comes to a close, it's been a great year in the Microsoft ecosystem when it comes to tools and technologies. Yet as a development team member, it can feel overwhelming when you have to keep up with all of that. As my fellow Visual Studio Live! conference co-chairs Andrew Brust and Rockford Lhotka and I started planning for the 2016 shows, we worked hard to make sure we had the right mix of cutting-edge tech, best practices, and topics you really need to know. As we did our advance planning, we left some openings in the Visual Studio Live! Las Vegas (March 7 – 11 at Bally's Hotel & Casino) agenda that we could fill later, so we could make sure we were prepared for the latest innovations coming from Microsoft and others in the industry.


Posted by Brian Randell on 12/15/20150 comments

Visual Studio Live! 2016: The Year Ahead

With so many new technologies and toolsets coming to the forefront, universal apps, collaboration, mobile apps -- you've got to stay on your toes just to keep up in the development world. There's increasing emphasis on "softer" skills like intuitive app design and drafting precision DevOps processes, as well as continued top-notch development with some of the newer tools and technologies like NoSQL, AngularJS and Roslyn. Whew -- that's a lot!


Posted by Lafe Low on 11/05/20150 comments

2015: It Was a Very Good Year

As 2015 moves into our collective rearview mirror, this feels like a good to time to take stock of all the Visual Studio Live! goodness that has happened in the last 10 months.

Las Vegas, March 16–20
Our first event of the year, Las Vegas, always attracts a lively crowd, because, you know, it's Vegas. Oh, and St. Patrick's Day. But the attendees got their fill of learning, too, as the keynotes were hard-hitting, from John Montgomery's and Kieran Mockford's Visual Studio 2015 preview to the sharp-witted, eye-opening address from Billy Hollis.


Posted by Lafe Low on 10/29/20150 comments

Speaker Profile: Ted Neward

Ted Neward is one of the most popular speakers on the Visual Studio Live! circuit. You can usually find him, when not speaking, holding court with several attendees talking coding languages or recounting his latest adventures behind a barbeque grill.

We recently caught up with Neward, who's also The Working Programmer columnist for MSDN Magazine, and had a chance to find out what makes him tick.


Posted by Lafe Low on 07/21/20150 comments

Speaker Profile: Brian Noyes

Brian Noyes certainly didn't follow a typical entry into the world of software development. He didn't grow up programming and using computers. He didn't like typical geek things. In fact, he was quite the polar opposite for the first few decades of his life.

He grew up surfing in Carlsbad, Calif., and wasn't into traditional sports. He went to the Naval Academy, flew F-14 Tomcats, and graduated from Top Gun and the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. He studied Aerospace Engineering both at the U.S. Naval Academy and at Naval Postgraduate School.


Posted by Lafe Low on 05/20/20150 comments

Don't Use Cookie-Based Authentication for Client Web API Calls Without CSRF Protection

For years, ASP.NET developers have used cookie-based authentication sessions (also called Forms authentication) to secure their Web pages. There's nothing wrong with doing that for your server-rendered pages, but as people start moving into developing Single-Page Applications with frameworks such as Angular, they need to realize that leveraging the cookie-based session for the client JavaScript Web API (AJAX) calls opens them up to a Cross-Site-Request-Forgery (CSRF/XSRF) attack.


Posted by Brian Noyes on 05/20/20150 comments

Automatically Sort C# Objects

Whenever you create a C# class definition, consider adding one extra method so you can automatically sort object instances. It's easy and well worth the minimal extra effort. For example, suppose you've defined:

public class Employee
  public string name; 
  public string title; 
  // methods here

If you enhance the class as follows:


Posted by James McCaffrey on 05/18/20150 comments

Boost Business Apps with LightSwitch

The primary reason you might want to use WCF RIA Services with Visual Studio LightSwitch/Cloud Business Apps (SharePoint) is to:

  • Combine more than one entity into a single entity.
  • Eliminate unnecessary columns in an entity to improve performance (otherwise large amounts of data, such as pictures, will be transmitted even when they're not shown).
  • Implement calculated fields that let you search and sort resulting values.

Posted by Michael Washington on 05/12/20150 comments

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