Mobile Client

W21 Building Cross-Platform Apps Using CSLA.NET


4:30pm - 5:45pm

Level: Intermediate

Rockford Lhotka



CSLA .NET is a one of the most mature and widely used open source frameworks for Microsoft .NET. It helps you build a business layer for your application that is independent of any specific user interface technology.

Thanks to Xamarin enabling the use of .NET and C# on iOS and Android you can now use Visual Studio and .NET to build cross-platform apps. With CSLA .NET supporting Xamarin, it is possible to reuse nearly 100% of your business layer code across Windows Forms, WPF, WinRT, iOS, Android, and ASP.NET server code.

In this session you’ll see how to use Visual Studio to build apps that share all business layer code, and support WinRT, iOS, and Android interfaces.