#VSLive Austin Recap: .NET Core, Key Visual Studio Updates & Composing Your Code

There's always something new to learn at Visual Studio Live!, no matter where the event lands. And the Austin event held in May was no exception.

We’ve covered the excellent presentation from Scott Hanselman already, and here's a brief recap of the two other keynotes/general sessions from VSLive! Austin.


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Scott Hanselman: JavaScript & the Rise of the New Virtual Machine

If you were just at VSLive! Austin, there’s no doubt you learned a lot and saw some great presentations from the likes of Billy Hollis and Tarek Madkour (more on that in another upcoming post).

Hopefully, you had some time to avail yourself of the sights, sounds and sensations of Austin as well. Renowned as a music destination (hence the hit show Austin City Limits), it's also a semi-paradise for foodies and just an all-around funky place. And it’s in Texas!


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The Most Helpful Visual Studio Video Tutorials We've Found: Part 2

Among all the excellent resources to help you fine tune your development skills with Visual Studio are myriad videos—from beginner to expert, simple to complex, and the purely functional to some highly specialized techniques. (A vast majority of these can be found on YouTube and on Microsoft’s Channel 9 More

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4 Programming Books to Add to Your Developer Toolbox

In an earlier blog post, we discussed a few .NET books for developer success. And as our team was weighing the options for the next book blog post, Ted Neward’s name kept popping up.

Ted has been a fixture with Visual Studio Live! for years. His lively, informative and opinionated sessions are always a big draw.


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#VSLive Austin Preview: UX/UI Design for Developers & More

We’ve all struggled with poorly designed web sites or apps before. What button do I push? Where do I enter my information? There are just too many options here. Sound familiar?

Even if you’ve developed the most amazing app the world has ever seen, it’s no good if users have trouble interacting with and using it. User experience design is critical, since it can make or break your app.


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4 of the Best C# Blogs We've Found

It’s good to keep your coding skills sharp, and that’s a tall order these days with the pace and scope of changes in the development landscape. There are constantly new versions of venerable development frameworks and libraries, things moving to open source, and cross-platform workarounds.

It’s definitely an exciting time to be part of the development world, and one good way to keep your finger on the pulse of these changes is through the blogosphere. After all, we already know there are some great blog-based resources for Visual Studio and AngularJS, right?


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The Most Helpful Visual Studio Video Tutorials We've Found

These days there are channels on cable and satellite TV for just about anything—history, cooking, cartoons, music, dogs, cats, clowns, politics (not sure what made me think of those last two in sequence), and more.

So naturally there should be some videos available for our favorite development environment, right? After all, Visual Studio is certainly rich and deep enough to warrant several seasons of binge watching.


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Scott Hunter: The Current State of .NET & Its Future Impact

If .NET were a country, Microsoft’s Scott Hunter would clearly be one of its senior statesmen. During his general session on Wednesday, March 9 at the Visual Studio Live! event in Las Vegas, Hunter gave an overview of the current state of .NET and the impact of having it now be open source.

He also ran through some the latest features and revisions to ASP.NET 5 and Visual Studio 2015 at his keynote address, appropriately entitled, What’s New in ASP.NET 5 and VS 2015. Hunter is the principal program manager lead for the ASP.NET team at Microsoft, and even he remains somewhat surprised at the new openness at Microsoft.


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3 Great .NET Books for Developer Success

Everyone learns a bit differently. As a ski instructor, I was always told people learn by doing, learn by watching, or learn by thinking—doers, watchers, and thinkers. And while everyone has a dominant learning style (I am most definitely a doer), everyone also is some combination of all three.

When you’re attending sessions at Visual Studio Live!, you hear presentations and see the demos. If you like what you see, but wish you could carry some of that along when you get back to your office and back to coding on your own, fear not. Several of the Visual Studio Live! presenters, with whom you’re undoubtedly familiar, also have several leading .NET books to their credit.


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Some of the Best Visual Studio Blogs to Follow: Part 2

We continue our series on the best Visual Studio blogs we’ve found to help you navigate the sea of available Microsoft resources. Thankfully, there is a small army of bloggers out there in the Visual Studio world looking things up and sharing their findings.


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