On-Demand Workshop: Busy Developer's Guide to Essential Python


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Length of Course: 3 Hours 35 minutes of In-Depth Training
Type of training: Self-Paced, On-Demand
Level: Intermediate
Access: 3 Months

Python is an object-oriented dynamically-typed language, widely popular as a tool for doing data science, but also as a language for building just about anything. With a platform whose breadth rivals that of the CLR or the JVM, Python has tremendous "reach", and given it's cross-platform nature, Python often makes for a powerful tool to have in anybody's back pocket.

In this session, we will get started with Python--how to install the platform, how to manage a few packages, and in general get to a point where we can start coding. Then we'll explore the core syntax--how Python thinks about the fundamental atoms of programming languages like strings, numbers, flow control, and so on. After that, we'll explore the object model of Python, and in particular we'll pay close attention to the approach Python takes to fields and methods, which is wildly different from how some of the contemporary object-oriented languages like C# and Java think. We'll explore how Python provides metaobject functionality, what benefits that offers, and why it's interesting. Lastly, we'll take a quick pass through a few popular development packages, just so the session isn't entirely syntax and semantics.

When we're done, you'll have a solid foundation upon which to launch yourself into any direction within the Python ecosystem.

You will learn:

  • All about the Python syntax
  • How the Python platform works
  • How to use Python as part of an integrated strategy

Meet Our Speaker

Ted Neward
Director of Platform Strategy, Quicken Loans

Ted is a Director of Platform Strategy for Quicken Loans, where he directs and defines next-generation platform strategy for the company. Prior to this, he was (and remains) the Principal at Neward & Associates, LLC, where he advised companies looking to figure out the intersection of people, process and technology. He’s been at every level in the organizational tree—from software engineer up through architect, Director, and CTO—for companies ranging from sweat-equity startups to IPO-success startups to companies who’ve been public for decades. He’s written dozens of books and hundreds of articles on Java, .NET, Javascript, iOS and Android, including a monthly back-page editorial in CODE Magazine. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, sons, three cats, seven smartphones, eight tablets, five laptops, and a serious electric bill. Reach him on Twitter as @tedneward.

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