On-Demand Workshop: Testability in .NET


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Length of Course: 4 Hours of In-Depth Training
Type of training: Self-Paced, On-Demand
Level: Introductory
Access: 3 Months

Testability in .NET – Testing code is not a new concept, but a significant amount of applications still exist today with little or no tests in place. This workshop covers the principals and practices of testing. We review various frameworks in .NET, and how you can use them to build a strong suite of fast, repeatable tests. We also cover legacy applications and strategies for introducing tests.

You will learn:

  • Understand the principals and practicality of writing tests
  • Gain a deep understanding of testing and mocking frameworks
  • Obtain guidance on unit testing strategies

Meet Our Speaker

Jason Bock
Developer Advocate, Quicken Loans

Jason Bock is a Developer Advocate at Quicken Loans and a Microsoft MVP (C#). He has more than 25 years of experience working on a number of business applications using a diverse set of frameworks and languages. He is the author of ".NET Development Using the Compiler API," "Metaprogramming in .NET," and "Applied .NET Attributes." He has written numerous articles on software development issues and presented at a number of conferences and user groups. He is a leader of the Twin Cities Code Camp. Jason holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University. Visit his web site at http://www.jasonbock.net. @jasonbock

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