David Corbin

President / Chief Architect

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft ALM Ranger

Dynamic Concepts Development Corp.

David began programming during the heyday of the Mini-Computer Era, starting with the DEC PDP-8. His early career was in the Defense Industry, progressing from the company's first Software Technician to being the Technical Lead of the company's Engineering Software department. During this time he co-founded Dynamic Concepts as a part time venture to facilitate the introduction of the "PC" into business environments [this was the same year the original IBM AT was introduced]. When the defense industry underwent a major shakeup in 1992, he transformed the part time venture into a full time dedication to consulting. Since then Dynamic Concepts has assisted clients across the United States (and occasionally internationally) in achieving their goal using the most appropriate computer technologies. In 2005, he was approached by Microsoft Consulting Services [MCS] and accepted a direct position with them as a Senior Field Consultant. It was during this period that deep relationships within the Developer Division of Microsoft began to be established, many of which are still vibrant (along with many new ones) a decade later. When he returned to Dynamic Concepts as his primary focus in 2007, activities began to focus on improving the software development and delivery process via the application of ALM principles. Today, he continues to work directly with clients providing guidance in the rapidly changing ecosystem.