Jonathan Zuck


Association for Competitive Technology

Jonathan Zuck is a widely known and respected leader in the technology industry. As a former application developer and IT executive, he brings more than fifteen years of experience running small business technology companies to his leadership of the Association for Competitive Technology. Since becoming President of ACT, Mr. Zuck has steered its growth into one of the most influential organizations at the intersection of technology and politics. ACT is widely recognized as industry leader representing small business software and technology companies that drive innovation and job creation. Mr. Zuck is in high demand as a speaker, traveling across the globe to address trade conferences about the potential impact of government regulation on innovation and small businesses. In the U.S., he has testified numerous times before Congress and his guidance is regularly sought by government leaders throughout Washington. Mr. Zuck frequently provides analysis and commentary for the media on a range of technology issues. He has featured as a technology expert for the major news networks including CNN, CNBC and ABC and is consistently quoted in the trade and popular press. He is also prolific writer whose work has appeared in several books and trade publications including PC Magazine, PC Week, Windows Tech Journal. Prior to joining ACT, Mr. Zuck served as Director of Technical Services at the Spectrum Technology Group in Washington, D.C., a consulting firm specializing in client/server, internet and data warehouse solutions development. In 1988, he founded and served as President of User Friendly, Inc., of Washington, D.C., a company providing consulting and software development services to local businesses. Mr. Zuck also set up U.S. operations for a French software firm where he helped build the company into an $11 million business. In 1996, Mr. Zuck joined Financial Dynamics as Vice President of Technology, where he set the standard for innovation in technical architecture, career management and employee empowerment. During his tenure, company revenues doubled, and his leadership helped position the firm for a strategic combination with the Spectrum Technology Group in November 1997. In his spare time, Mr. Zuck pursues his passion for filmmaking. A winner of multiple awards for short films, his film Palindrome was chosen to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival.