Full Stack Web Development

W03 Reactive Programming, State Management, and Redux for the Modern Front End Developer


10:00am - 11:00am

Level: Advanced

Jennifer Wadella


Kansas City Women in Technology

JavaScript can be a scary place where we create and change variables at will and while code can be written very quickly, it can be side-effect prone and hard to debug & maintain down the line. In this talk we’ll explore the concept of reactive programming, discuss state management and the benefits of having an immutable state, and cover one of the more popular state management approaches - the redux pattern, & look at commonly used libraries that help us with these concepts.

No matter what the JavaScript framework flavor of choice is, a good understanding of reactive programming and state management helps us write better code that is more closely tied to business logic, is easier to read, easier to debug, and easier to scale.

You will learn:

  • Explain state management
  • Simple state management patterns with RxJS and complex redux patterns & which to choose
  • Review state management libraries like NGRX and Akita