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GS2 Keynote: Living in a Bug-Free World with Open-Source


1:00pm - 2:00pm

Level: Everyone

Claire Novotny

Executive Director of the .NET Foundation, and PM on the .NET Team


You don't have to be a Rockstar Developer™ to be a catalyst for change. Open-Source Developers are people like you and me, just ordinary people. Some are paid by companies to maintain projects; others do passion projects in their spare time. Even if you use open-source in your day job, you can still give back to the community where you are able. This improves the ecosystem during your regular course of work for the mutual benefit of the community. When you fix open-source issues, you’re removing a bug from the world for everyone, and others will do the same for you. This can be applied to internal teams being open-source within your company; even if your company doesn't permit external contributions, consider how an open-source mindset can help improve cross-team collaboration and velocity. Fix issues faster by submitting a patch instead of creating a ticket. You don’t have to look far to find an open-source project…I know you’re using at least one open-source tool because .NET is open source! Find out how adopting an open-source mindset helps us get closer to creating a bug-free world.