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M01 Workshop: Developer Dive into SQL Server 2022


8:00am - 5:00pm

Level: Intermediate

Leonard Lobel



Sleek Technologies, Inc.

This full-day workshop will get you up to speed on powerful new features in SQL Server 2022. Lenni will pull no punches as he rips through the most important SQL Server features for developers in this intensive demo-packed tour.

We'll kick things off with the broad multi-platform support across Windows, Linux, and Docker. Learn how SQL Server's ability to run inside Linux containers on both Windows and Mac will revolutionize the way you work with Microsoft's venerable database engine. Then you'll explore the Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) features, which deliver groundbreaking performance improvements to the query engine. We'll then move on to the latest development platform improvements, including T-SQL enhancements added in SQL Server 2022, machine learning services with R and Python, integrated JSON support, stretch database, and temporal tables.

Next we'll explore security features, starting with ledger tables. With ledger, SQL Server 2022 utilizes blockchain technology that hashes every transaction, and guarantees that none of your data has been tampered with. Next, we'll examine dynamic data masking and row-level security. We'll then dig into Always Encrypted and demonstrate SQL Server 2019's support for secure enclaves that enables rich query of encrypted data in use. We'll wrap up with the latest PolyBase enhancements to query external data in Azure Blob Storage, Cosmos DB, Oracle, and other remote data sources.

You'll learn a ton of new SQL Server features in this information-packed day!

You will learn:

  • How to boost developer productivity by running SQL Server inside Linux containers with docker
  • Intelligent Query Processing features, T-SQL enhancements, and modern development platform for machine learning with R and Python
  • Discover the newest security features including ledger tables, Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, and the latest data virtualization capabilities with PolyBase