Technical Excellence and Leadership Skills, Fast Focus

VH11 Fast Focus: Supercharged Feedback Techniques in 20 Minutes


11:00am - 11:20am

Level: Intermediate

Angela Dugan

Delivery Director

3Cloud Solutions

Feedback helps us to build stronger teams, supports more effective problem-solve and collaboration, and ultimately contributes to delivering better products. Without it, we can spend time focusing on the wrong things, solving the wrong problems, maybe not even knowing about problems in the first place! In my experience, people are generally not confident in their ability to give feedback, making it feel risky, vulnerable, scary, even downright anxiety-inducing.

Feedback Doesn't Have to Suck. In this fast-paced 20 minute session focused on supercharging your feedback skills, I will help you get a good foothold on where to start. We’ll warm up with an overview of what feedback is and is not, then we’ll review the qualities of high-quality feedback, and we’ll devote the rest of the time to “tips and tricks” to getting comfortable with giving and receiving candid feedback that has worked really well for me both as a manager and a team member. You’ll be a feedback champion before you know it!