Amanda Silver

CVP of Product, Developer Tools


Amanda Silver is the Corporate Vice President & Head of Product for Microsoft's Developer Division, which includes Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, .NET, TypeScript, Azure App Service and PaaS services and much of Microsoft’s developer platform. As the product leader for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code developer tools, Amanda has grown the community of developers that uses the Visual Studio Family to over 20 million developers today. Her focus on customer-driven engineering, with a tight digital feedback loop, has fueled the team culture which delivers products loved by developers. She has been key to Microsoft's transformation to contribute to open source with the introduction of TypeScript, Visual Studio Code, and the acquisition of both Xamarin and GitHub. She championed customer-focused innovations like Visual Studio Live Share and IntelliCode, which have transformed how developers and teams build and collaborate worldwide. Recently, Amanda has partnered with GitHub to define the product and business strategy for Microsoft’s Developer Cloud. Amanda is a leader in driving cultural transformation, working with teams across Microsoft to foster diversity and inclusion, customer-driven engineering practices, and product incubation. Unleashing the creativity of all developers is her passion.