Pranav Rastogi

ASP.NET Product Team


Pranav Rastogi is a member of Microsoft ASP.NET product team, and is based in Seattle. Over the past years, Pranav has worked on a variety of areas such as ASP.NET Web Forms, Dynamic Data and more recently ASP.NET SignalR. He is passionate about understanding web developer woes with the Microsoft stack, and helps champion tools, packages or libraries that will enhance the web development experience on the Microsoft stack. Pranav is also a regular speaker on a variety of ASP.NET related topics at various worldwide conferences. Before joining Microsoft, Pranav graduated from University Of Florida with a Masters in Computer Science. Pranav is also a food junkie who sometimes works as a Chef de cuisine at home. He is an adventure seeker and can be often found backpacking in the wilderness. In this spare time though Pranav, regularly practices his bartending skills on his friends. If you know anyone who is looking to throw a party and needs a bartender then get in touch with him.