Full Stack Web Development

T13 The Future of Front-End Performance


3:00pm - 4:15pm

Level: Intermediate

Sia Karamalegos

Founder and Lead Developer

Clio + Calliope

Help! My app bundle is 5MB! My users are angry that my app is so slow! It's easy to forget that performance matters when we are under pressure to deliver features quickly. What data should we use to inform our decisions? From code splitting, lazy loading, and tree shaking to bundle analysis, progressive rendering, and modern transpiling, come learn how you can deliver a better experience to your users with high-performing front-end apps. This talk is library-agnostic (React, Angular, Vue, etc.).

You will learn:

  • Why web performance is important
  • What metrics are important and how to measure them
  • Specific strategies for making a site faster including latency, images, and JavaScript